Bus back better

with a bespoke

BSIP platform




Visualise, track and report against BSIP metrics with CitySwift

Track BSIP Progress with CitySwift

CitySwift's BSIP platform can help you track progress against your plan. It allows bus operators and local transport authorities to visualise and report key metrics out-of-the-box, with no bespoke integration required, including: 

  • Passenger numbers by route, time of day or ticket type
  • Bus speed and congestion data by route and time of day
  • Average journey times, point-to-point or across entire routes

Our free one-hour scoping session will help us understand your vision, clarify your needs and demonstrate how our BSIP platform can help.


Watch this Department for Transport webinar about some BSIP work we did in Oxford:



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